Value Prop

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Critical Health Alert

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Value Prop

Used to show quick informational snippets to the user.

Value Prop - Carousel

Value Prop - Stacked

In the Value Prop - Stacked component, the items appear in vertically stacked fashion in mobile view and also smaller tablet views.


  • It has some graphical elements, and copy.
  • With more than three items, carousel functionality is present.
  • Carousel arrows follow infinite loop behavior.
  • For screen readers: determine a first and last so tabbing through can reach the next module.
  • Minimum items to display in this value prop: 3.
  • Maximum recommended items: 6.
  • The value prop has an optional CTA, and optional icons.
  • On mobile, all elements will swipe. Markets that require the elements stacked can use that variation.


This component has 2 variations.

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