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Critical Health Alert: Coronavirus Update for Employees and Suppliers

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Critical Health Alert

Coronavirus Update for Employees and Suppliers click here to learn more

Global Design System
Welcome to MetLife Global Design System AEM Library

What are you looking for today ?

The core Enablement activities include:

  • Enable Evolution Components to a New Market.
  • Enable New Header and Footer to the Old Template Pages.
  • Migration of Old Experience to New Experience.
  • Classic UI vs Touch UI explained.

Evolution 2.0 functionalities along with its signature look and feel can be configured and implemented by following this step-by-step How-to guide. How to setup evolution.pdf

MetLife Evolution Design

Consistent, efficient and high quality visual design language that brings cohesion and familiarity to the overall experience. 


New patterns for transactions, apps, UX guidance & design assets!

MetLife Design System 2.0

This site will soon be gone.

We have migrated all the components, templates, and examples on this site to design.metlife.com. In this new website you will be able to access the latest Responsive Web Marketing component library in addition to our full design system and guidance of how to action on creating digital experiences.