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Critical Health Alert: Coronavirus Update for Employees and Suppliers

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Critical Health Alert

Coronavirus Update for Employees and Suppliers click here to learn more

Tabbed Content

This component can be used to display content under tabs.

Employees on retirement:
I expect to postpone my retirement due to my financial situation

Other components can also be used inside the Tabbed Content component as shown below.

WYSIWYG component being used here

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  • This component has multiple tabs that can be added as required.
  • Under each tab, other components can be embedded as required.


This component has only 1 variation

Shown above is an example of the Tabbed Content component. It depicts an example where, along the years, more and more employees realize their financial challenges during retirement and opt to postpone it. 

Here, the 'Trend Spotting Embed' component is used inside each tab.