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Critical Health Alert: Coronavirus Update for Employees and Suppliers

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Critical Health Alert

Coronavirus Update for Employees and Suppliers click here to learn more

The Byline component is intended to be used on Report and Article pages. This component is used to present the details of the author who has written an article.


  • The component has an option to embed the image of an author.
  • Author's name, job title, and department can be configured.


  • This component can be enabled/disabled at the page properties of a page.
  • Unlike other components this component is not available on sidekick.
  • The option to enable/disable Byline component is available only on article ,report and blank page templates.
  • Open the page properties of a page and access the ‘Report’ / ‘Article’ / 'Blank content' tab based upon the template of the page, and select the drop-down value of ‘Enable Byline-Shared’ dropdown to enable/disable the component.