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Critical Health Alert: Coronavirus Update for Employees and Suppliers

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Critical Health Alert

Coronavirus Update for Employees and Suppliers click here to learn more

Component Library

Collection of components designed for global marketing requirements, They include a new pathing tool that supports personalization based on audiences.

Anticipatory Pathing tool

This is intended to path users to the correct destination, or complete certain tasks in line.

  Sorting Hat  


Content Promo

Content promo components use copy call outs to promote content or products and path users to the corresponding pages.

  Content Promo Banner     Product Promo Breaker
  Quote Feature Breaker     Report Breaker
  Single Featured Story Breaker     Text Insight Breaker
  Video Promo     Visual Product Card
    Featured Content Promo        

Content Container Components

These components are designed to structure copy into a visual hierarchy or to call out key copy points.

   Brand Promise Breaker    Clif Notes
   Media Embed    FAQ
   Pull Quote Embed    Product Info
   Tool Panel    Table Content
   WYSIWYG (Rich Text Editor)    Value Prop
   Product Info Table    Gated Overlay
   Product Comparison
   Contact List

Content Carousel

Recirculation components are used to promote and navigate users to related editorial content within an article or report.

  Recirc with Image
  Related Content Recirc - 3UP     Related Content Recirc - 4UP    

Related Content Recirc - 3Up with Image


    Related Content Recirc - Series    

Data Visualization

These components provide a way to highlight and visualize data that would otherwise be presented in grid or list form.

  Data Insight Display
  Key Insights - Bar Chart     Key Insights - Single Bar    

Key Insights - 3Up


      Key Stat Breaker    


These guides provide component specifics such as character limits and image sizes.